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Pimples can be our skin’s worst nightmare, and many of us detected one just as we got ready for a big event in our lives, such as a graduation party or even our wedding. Acne vulgaris is the medical term for acne, and it is described as a disease of the hair follicles. It mainly affects teenagers and women in their late 20s. Most of the time, we struggle with several types of acne at the same time: blackheads and pimples being the most common combo. What could we do to prevent acne or to get rid of it?

Understanding the causes of your acne could be the key

Multiple factors such as increased oil production, dry and irritated skin, stress, diet, heredity, medication, cosmetics, our job nature, and more usually cause acne. Some factors play a much more direct role than others do. It is overwhelming to detect just one source and decide which products are better to get rid of our acne. In addition, it is important to distinguish pimples from other severe skin conditions such as rosacea, pseudofolliculitis, folliculitis, and others.

Tips and Tricks to get rid of acne

Almost 85% of young adults suffer from acne; most conventional treatments involve using salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and niacinamide-based products. Prevention is the best way to avoid pimples, and using the right products helps a lot. There is no easy one-way answer.

Mild cleansers and a good skin routine is the best way to prevent acne. To avoid skin irritation and prevent the apparition of blackheads, some recommend using mild cleansers and applying skin exfoliators. After a cleanser, it is a great idea to apply a toner that reduces skin oils. Antibacterial products are also great at removing excess oil and prevent pimples.

A health provider such as a dermatologist can identify your skin’s needs and can help with recommending products for an effective skincare routine. The best trick is to avoid pimples by taking care of your skin daily and trying to remove possible underlying factors such as birth control, stress, or fast food.

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