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Plants That Look Good and Help Us Focus While Working/Studying

Even before the Covid-19, pandemic many people worked remotely or used their home office space to finish a day of work. Our children use the home office to study for their future, and sometimes we do not use our energy to properly decorate the room and add things that could help us focus.

Plants help us in many different ways

Plants can be our allies when it comes to working or studying because they can help us focus, and at the same time, improve the oxygen levels in the room and look good. According to studies, plants help us concentrate and focus because it removes the toxins inside the room and it provides our brain with extra oxygen. Another reason is that plants can create a pleasant atmosphere and help us regain our focus while studying. Before running to the florist to pick up just about any plant in a pot, there are a couple of them, which could help us, even more, when we need extra focus.

ZZ Plants: low maintenance and perfect for busy students

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These plants are known to be tough and survive in extreme conditions. They are the perfect candidate for busy students who forget to water and take care of their plants. ZZ plants can survive without much light or watering, and it produces oxygen to help with our focus.

Orchid Plants: an excellent choice for visual people

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Many people enjoy being surrounded by specific colors when they study. Orchid plants come in many colors and can create the perfect relaxed atmosphere for you to work in. They are elegant, and they bloom all year long.

Lucky Bamboo: a popular choice

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This plant should bring great results for your toughest exams. According to a study from the American Horticultural Therapy Association, students who own a lucky bamboo can focus better on studying for their exams. The plant is also great as décor, and there are beautiful pots to plant it.
Other popular choices for an office or study room are aloe Vera, peace lily, money tree, and succulent plants.

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