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Hallyu and Kpop: The South Korean Culture Conquered the World

Hallyu is a big industry, and in the last years, it has gained many fans worldwide. In 2019, Korea Bizwire published statistics in which the total number of global fans of the Hallyu wave was around 90 million people.

The South Korean pop industry (K-pop) has gained many international fans thanks to talented singers and groups such as BoA, Big Bang, BTS, Girls’ Generation, BLACKPINK, Super Junior etc. Enthusiasts also admire South Korean cuisine, actors, Korean dramas, taekwondo and landscape.

The beginning

Hallyu is a Chinese expression meaning the Korean Wave, and it all started in the 90s. Several South Korean dramas (Kdramas) were aired in other parts of Asia, including China and Japan.

The genre soon gained popularity, especially with the talented idols singing the tracks of the Kdramas. In the 2000s up to 2010, Kpop music and Kdramas gained popularity outside Asia, reaching places such as the Middle East, South America and Europe.

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The film ‘Parasite’ won four Oscars at the Academy Awards in 2020. The awards included Best Director and Best Picture, and the film received nine nominations at the 92nd edition of the Oscars.
Kpop fan clubs are also spread worldwide, and the clubs have different names depending on the Kpop bands they admire.

Last year there have been a total of 100 million club fans members registered worldwide, as reported by

BTS, the notorious boy band, received a Grammy nomination and broke several of the Guinness World Records, such as most viewers for a music concert live stream. Some of their most famous hits are ‘Dynamite’, ‘Butter’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Fake Love’.

PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ hit manages back in 2012 to stay in second place on the Billboard Top 100 for around seven weeks.

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