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Many people believe in the magical powers of rocks and crystals. All over the world, there are myths and stories about the healing powers of certain rocks and how they can help people in their daily lives. There are many crystals available for us to buy, but a couple of them are perfect for keeping in our home, protecting us from bad vibes, and keeping our spirits up. According to a book, there are several crystals to choose from.

Black Tourmaline: protective crystal

According to the author, this rock protects people from psychic attacks and even neutralizes electromagnetic waves resulting from house appliances such as the microwave. It is inexpensive and great to protect us from negative energy.

Citrine: a rock rocking good vibes

Another rock on the list is the citrine, yellow or orange quartz. This rock is supposed to bring abundance into your home, and it creates a great mood. It is a stone that radiates good vibes, and its cheerful color works with any décor.

Amethyst: a rock with healing powers

Many believe that this quartz has healing powers and it can help us achieve inner peace and relieve stress. This protective stone is great in any house because it chases harm and illnesses away. The amethyst rock is also known as a natural tranquilizer, helping those who look at it release all the anxiety gathered after a long day at work. Some other things it is said to help with are encouraging sobriety, relieving insomnia, and mindfulness.

Carnelian: a semi-precious quartz

This rock comes in a bright yellow-orange mix; sometimes, it even has red shades. Some carnelian rocks are translucent, while others are semi-opaque. Ancient Egyptians considered it a fertility stimulating help, and other wizards considered the stone a status symbol. Others believed the stone protects people from sickness and calamities.

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