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Weibo Suspends Several K-pop Fan Accounts

The Chinese Social Media website Weibo decided to ban several accounts, including one devoted to Park-Jimin from BTS. The South Korean band BTS has fans (ARMYs) worldwide, and the fan base in China is quite high. Because Park Jimin will turn 26 years old soon, ARMYs in China decided to create a fundraising and use the money to add pictures with him and a love declaration on a plane’s exterior. After the plane started to appear in the sky in China, Weibo decided to suspend the account for 60 days for illegal fundraising.

Other K-pop related accounts have been suspended as well

Weibo has also suspended other accounts, including 21 K-pop fan accounts for other BTS members, Blackpink girl band, or EXO. The accounts have been banned for a month, and it remains unclear the reason behind this decision. Some speculate it is due to Beijing’s decision to stop celebrity worship in China. Apparently, the Chinese Government is worried young people are too much involved in the lives of celebrities and are not focusing their attention on more important things.

The Entertainment industry in China is under close watch

The Beijing Government is keeping the entertainment industry under close watch. According to the National Radio and Television Administration in China, social platforms should ban female-looking men and other vulgar celebrities. However, K-pop fans worldwide are known for their gestures of love for their idols and their organizational levels. It is not the first time a K-pop idol received extravagant gifts from fans.

At the same time, the Cyberspace Administration of China decided that ranking celebrities in terms of their popularity should be banned. Some Chinese nationalists perceive those who like K-pop groups as idol worshipers and that he Hallyu trend needs to end in China.

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