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Afghan Female Students Have to Face Severe Measures to Attend University Under Taliban Rule

As the U.S troops withdraw from Afghanistan, the Taliban reinstated their domination. For women, that means that they have to obey Sharia laws and have limited rights and freedoms. According to news, the Taliban Ministry of Education has decided to approve a proposal for females to study under certain conditions. The Afghan union of universities submitted the proposal, and it contained information regarding the separation of male and female students and other measures and restrictions.

What are the new rules Universities and female students need to follow?

The proposal mentioned that there must be different entrances and exits for male and female students. They should also have different praying areas, and that new classes at private universities should be separated. If there are more than 15 female students, there cannot be mixed classes, and all mixed classrooms need to be divided with a curtain between males and females.

Female students and employees of the university need to observe the hijab, and universities are to try their best to provide female professors for female students. Until all requirements become possible, female students should be taught by elderly lecturers, who are considered trustworthy around females. All the requirements will be hard to follow, but there are no other options for women who want to study. For universities with many female students, there could be classes for males and for females in separate shifts.

Education and Work were banned for women during the previous Taliban regime

Between 1996 and 2001, during the previous Taliban regime, women were not allowed to work or study. The future of women in Afghanistan is uncertain and difficult. The extremists are not known for showing consideration, and it might become more and more difficult for women to get any fundamental human right.

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