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Everyone enjoys a night out with friends or a crazy party. However, nobody loves the hangover from the day after. Although we may start the night thinking we will control ourselves and drink just a glass, sometimes the cool atmosphere and the presence of fun people can make us quickly change our minds. Everyone dreads the hangover. Waking up in the morning feeling like a train has hit you in the head, and the nauseating feeling in your stomach leaves you almost immobile. There are a couple of tricks that you could do to help ease the hangover or even get rid of it.

The first trick is to understand the process

A hangover is the multitude of unpleasant symptoms we feel as a result of our alcohol intoxication. Alcohol affects the brain, our hormones, it can trigger migraines, and it is difficult for our body to process it. There are numerous symptoms people can feel, and not all hangovers are the same. Some people experience headaches, nausea, and shaking. Other experience fatigue, diarrhea, and sweating. Others describe hangovers as terrible jet lag.

Sometimes hangovers happen even if the person had consumed small amounts of alcohol and did not experience feeling drunk. According to research, those who are light drinkers experience more hangovers.

What are some recommended remedies for hangovers?

Health providers believe that keeping the body hydrated is the best way to recover because it helps the kidneys. Eating is also quite helpful, especially carbohydrates. Although you might feel sick to your stomach, a piece of bread or crackers could be helpful.
Drinking tea or coffee can help because they might give you some energy and help with nausea and fatigue. Vitamin waters that contain B vitamins and zinc are a great idea before and after a night out.


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