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What To Do In Case Of A Covid-19 Breakthrough?

COVID-19 vaccines offer the proper immunization we need to prevent hospitalization. However, like any other vaccine, it’s not 100 percent effective. Receiving both vaccine doses doesn’t make people immune to the virus. Unfortunately, Disease Control and Prevention can’t track down the exact number of breakthrough infections cases.

According to the data from 25 states that keep track of the breakthrough infections, the Kaiser Family Foundation estimated a less than 1 percent rate. Therefore, the question arising is what to do if you get infected while fully vaccinated? What are the Covid-19 symptoms for vaccinated people? We are covering both essential topics in this article so let’s start with the first one.  

Fully vaccinated and infected 

In this case, you will have to follow the implemented strict isolation protocols. Whether you had a positive test or show symptoms, you should isolate for at least ten days. According to the CDC statement, if you haven’t tested yet, isolation starts from the moment you show symptoms. However, the good news is that once the symptoms are improving and you haven’t had a fever for more than 24 hours, you can end the isolation. Asymptomatic people should isolate for ten days. 

All close contacts should be tested against the virus, and if positive, isolated. However, unvaccinated people need to stay in isolation for ten days, while fully vaccinated people don’t have to follow strict protocols if the test is negative. If you are not fully vaccinated or still haven’t got the second dose, you can shorten the isolation period by three days if you test negative after five days. If you are fully vaccinated, you need to test within three to four days after exposure. 

COVID-19 breakthrough symptoms 

Although the virus is very dangerous, vaccinated people will have less severe symptoms. The symptoms may include body aches, fatigue, and mild cough. However, as the Covid-19 symptoms are quite common to cold, make sure to look out for any of them. Although the acute breathing issues should no longer be a problem, you might experience shortness of breath. If you have any of those symptoms, get tested to prevent infection.  

COVID-19 vaccine dosage 

According to the health officials, people vaccinated with Pfizer or Moderna can now receive a third dose. For better immunization and fewer chances of getting infected, you should get the third vaccine dose.