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Easy Tips On How To Potty Train Your Little Girl Fast

Are you trying to potty train your baby girl but haven't succeeded yet? We might have a solution for it.
Are you trying to potty train your baby girl but haven't succeeded yet? We might have a solution for it.

Potty training has always been and will always be a challenge. Kids don’t know how to express their needs, and parents decide to keep them in diapers since it’s easier. But no more. We are here to tell you how to potty train a girl fast.

Our method is straightforward. It will save you a lot of time and money. And energy. And maybe even sanity.

The Struggle

The rule is simple. Don’t put a diaper on her. As soon as she wakes up, have her sit on the potty and try to pee. And when she’s done, you won’t need diapers anymore. Just put panties on her. And then pants for big girls – cause that’s what they are now, big girls. If you continue to put a diaper on, they won’t even try, and it will become even more challenging to potty train her.

You may want to stay home a few days in potty train her quickly. But if you know that you need to leave the house, a diaper will be a must, of course.

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Lots Of Questions

Ask her if she needs to potty. Frequently. Especially on the first day of potty training, as she could become busy playing, and she won’t think about going potty. This will help prevent accidents. It might be better to sit her on the potty anyway if she hasn’t been in like 40 minutes. Until they get better at holding in for longer.

Trust us, and you don’t want to use the little potty seat. We know that you’re scared that your child might fall in, but they will actually get used to it and feel the need to sit on it whenever they have to go. The tantrums are real people, and you don’t want to deal with that.

Nights Can Be Difficult

Now the real problem might be at night. You may potty train them for the day, but they still might be wetting the bed during sleep. But that’s not a problem. It’s normal for kids to wet the bed until the age of six. And the occasional accident still happens until the age of 12. So it’s okay to use a diaper for nighttime, they will get a hold of it and ask you not to put one on them anymore.

Make sure you always encourage them to do it while still letting them know that you’re there for them if they are scared or nervous. And little celebrations are a must. But not treats, potty training treats are a no-go. A dance around the room is more than enough.

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It Takes A While

There are some problems you may encounter along the way.

Potty training is not only about losing the diaper. It’s also about holding pee for longer periods of time. In the first days, you will spend most of your time in the bathroom with your little one. You will help her potty every 15 to 20 minutes sometimes.  And they will get annoyed. And they will stop going so often. Win.

It is also normal if she’s scared of falling down the toilet. They will experience this fear. Make sure they know they’re safe and that you’re right there with them. Put a hand on her back to make her feel safe. Or hug her. They will overcome the fear. You need to be supportive and loving.

Some kids may hate the feeling of poop coming out and the splash of water. You may want to hug her for this one. Again, it’s all about feeling safe. After a while, this fear will disappear.

This road is a bit long, but it is worth it, and you and your little girl may end up bonding even more.

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