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Many of us prepare the perfect holidays for our families, and sometimes even a short gate-away is welcome. When we travel with children, we do not pack light, and sometimes we feel like we need to take our entire house inside the luggage. Although many things such as clothes and hygiene products seem essential, your travelling list should also include some essential medicine.

Essential medicine for travelling with children

Travelling or being on vacation with a sick kid can be stressful for all the family. To make sure that you are prepared for all possible outcomes, there is essential medicine you should include on your shopping list. The first thing would be to add all the regular medicine your kid takes. Some children might suffer from seasonal allergies, others from asthma, and the list goes on. It is better to buy all of them beforehand rather than struggling to find them in another city or country.

Travelling Medicine Kit

Other essentials for the list include the medicine for the most common sicknesses that can happen when travelling. Medicine for diarrhoea and gastrointestinal problems such as bloating is useful, and it can save your holiday. In case your child does get diarrhoea, then oral hydration salts are beneficial. Another item would be ibuprofen or any other pain and fever reducer. If your child gets insect bites, you need a steroid cream to help with the annoying itching sensation.

Couch and cold medicine for adults and children are essential when travelling because you might not find the same brands in other countries. Antibiotic ointment and probiotics are always needed when travelling. Antihistamine medicine is helpful if your child experiences allergic reactions to food or insect bites. Make sure that you do not travel abroad without medical insurances for all your family members. Children tend to get sick in the most unfortunate moments. As a final thing on the list, make sure you have a first aid kit in case someone gets a scratch, a sunburn or an injury.

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