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How to Wash and Prepare Fruits and Veggie Snacks for Your Kids

Although we buy a lot of fruits and vegetables for our children, sometimes they turn bad or rotten in their original packaging, before our children remember to clean and eat them. If you want to make sure that your children eat the fruits and vegetables you buy, and you want to make your life easier when prepping ingredients for cooking meals, there are several steps you could take.
Wash all your fruits and veggies

Although we might buy fruits and veggies that already come in plastic packing, it is essential to wash them, as they can come contaminated with many germs and bacteria. Many people tend to pay attention to the way they handle meat, but they forget that vegetables and fruits must be washed properly before eating them as well. The FDA mentions that in the U.S, there have been many outbreaks related to food contaminations and some culprits are veggies such as lettuce, spinach and fruits such as tomatoes, cantaloupe and more.

There are plenty of fruits and vegetable cleaners

With a quick visit online or at your local supermarket, you will find special substances or products meant to wash your veggies and fruits. The cleaner removes the wax, the pesticides, the dirt and the germs. Most of the time, you need to soak the veggies and the fruits in water, and then you have to add cleaner to the water. After soaking the ingredients for the amount of time recommended on the box, you need to rinse them with clean water.

Keeping fruits and vegetables washed makes your life easier

Usually, children tend to eat more fruits and vegetables if they are washed and at their disposal. For example, you can wash fruits and keep them in a bowl on the table. Make sure to let them know they have been previously washed. Many people wash celery, carrots, and other veggies for veggies and keep them in containers in the fridge. This way, they have easy access to them, and the meal prepping is a lot faster.

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