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United Airlines Passengers Evacuated after Mass Text Messaging Scare

United Airlines was operating a flight departing from San Francisco International Airport last Thursday. The flight was heading to Orlando, and as passengers and crew were getting ready to leave the gate and embark, many started receiving the same text message.

Pictures of an Airsoft gun scared passengers.

Reports say that passengers with iPhones started to receive the same text message that included a picture of an Airsoft Gun during boarding. Apparently, a teenage boy, using the Airdrop option on his iPhone, sent the photo. Passengers panicked, and the crew de-boarded everyone and a second security screening followed.

A teenager was responsible for the photo leak

San Francisco International Airport officials declared that because a teenage boy sent the photo to several passengers, the airport security had to run a second inspection. The teenager did not carry the Airsoft gun with him and the picture was taken before the day of the flight. After the airport security screened the plane and passengers for a second time, passengers boarded once more, and the flight took off. However, the teenager was denied boarding because of the mass text-messaging stunt.

United Airlines and the congestion at Newark Liberty Airport

A couple of days ago, United Airlines made the headlines after the company’s chief executive Scott Kirby decided to ask the federal government to deal with the delays and congestions taking place at the Newark Liberty International Airport. A runway repair began on July 6, and many travellers had to wait longer for their flights to take off. The airline wants the Federal Aviation Administration to reduce the operation numbers per hour due to the repairs taking place at the airport. It is not an easy task since Newark is one of the busiest airports in the U.S.

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