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Who Took The Gold Home At The Olympics

Great surprises at the Olympics! Samele has reached the final round after the great win from the semifinals. He beat Kim Junghwan from South Korea at 15-12. But Kim took home the bronze with a 15-11 win with Sandro Bazadze from Georgia.

Women’s épée fencing competition had Sun Yi-wen from China beating Ana Maria Popescu from Romania at 1-10, winning the gold medal. It was a tight one – they got at 10-10 with only three seconds until the grand finale, but Sun managed to score the winning point. Sun won bronze at individuals and silver with her team at the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics. Popescu has made her appearance five times in the Olympics but hasn’t won gold at individuals. She did win gold with her team back in 2016.

Katrina Lehis from Estonia won bronze after beating Aizanat Murtazaeva from Russia at 15-8.

The teams had just enough space to distance themselves since there are no fans to watch them. The members of the U.S. swimming team were chanting from the stands for the first lady, Jill Biden. They also shouted for their colleagues during the race.

Naohisa Takato will get home with won Japan’s first gold medal after beating Yang Yung-Wei from Taiwan in the final of men’s 60-kilogram judo. Unfortunately, Yang committed too many fouls in this one.

Distria Krasniqi from Kosovo beat Funa Tonaki from Japan in the women’s 48-kilogram final, taking the gold home. This is Kosovo’s second-ever Olympic medal. With 20 seconds left, she won on a throw. But it was not an easy fight, Tonaki was also right in the game, beating plenty of difficult opponents on the way to the final.

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