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BKFC 19 full results: Ostovich wins against VanZant

Ostovich has beaten VanZant. The Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship 19 event took place Friday night at the Florida State Fairgrounds. The decision was unanimous, with 48-47, 48-47, and 49-46 from the judges.

This was a rematch from January 2019 MMA. They met at UFC Fight Night 143, and VanZant won the contest then. After that, there was another round. Both of these rounds were very tiring and competitive. Ostovich got on VanZant, and then they both started doing incredible exchanges. We got clean shots from the clinch, and the contest was amazing.

The third round found Ostovich ahead. VanZant couldn’t really find the target, as Ostovich was on her at all times. VanZant got back at her at times, but it was a clear deal that Ostovich was ahead. She managed even to make VanZant be amazed, especially in the last four minutes.

VanZant is now 0-2 after leaving the UFC and getting into BKFC. And this was Ostovich’s first fight after leaving the UFC. This happened in late 2020.

These are the BKFC 19 results:

Rachael Ostovich vs Paige VanZant – Rachael Ostovich won (unanimous decision)

Arnold Adams vs Mick Terrill – Arnold Adams won (Round 2)

Britain Hart vs Jenny Savage – Britain Hart won (Round 3)

Geane Herrera vs. Abdiel Velazquez – Geane Herrera won (Round 2)

Terry Janoski vs Richard Carsten – Terry Janoski (Round 1)

Jay Jackson vs Damon Bell – Jay Jackson won (Round 3)

Jordan Nash vs Brandon Allen – Jordan Nash won (unanimous decision)

Taylor Starling vs Cassie Robb – Taylor Starling won (Round 1)

Antonio Soto vs Joshua Sikes – Antonio Soto won (unanimous decision)

Evil Hero vs Dakota Olave – Evil Hero won (unanimous decision)

Blue Face vs Kane Trujilo – Blue Face won (unanimous decision)

Jared Warren vs Zion Tomlinson – Jared Warren won (Round 1)

Chris Jensen vs  Kyle McElroy – Chris Jensen won (Round 1)

Nick Ireland vs DK Money – Nick Ireland won (majority decision)

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