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Pope Francis Discharged from Hospital

Pope Francis was hospitalised and underwent a procedure ten days ago. The pontiff was suffering from stenotic diverticulitis that is when pouches named diverticuli develop inside the colon walls. This health condition is quite common among older adults.
Pope Francis appeared in public last weekend.
Last Sunday, the pontiff held the Angelus prayer from a Gemelli University Hospital window. The Pope also talked about the importance of healthcare access for all people worldwide and that the also mourns the tragic assassination of the President of Haiti. A recent article mentioned that the pontiff is now recovering from the surgery, and he will slowly start resuming his work duties.

The intervention was planned.

The team of doctors from the Gemelli hospital planned the surgery and the Holy See announced that the Pope is feeling good. Today, the Holy See announced that he was discharged from the hospital. Before returning to the Vatican, the pontiff visited the Basilica of Saint Mary Major to thank God for his successful surgery. He also prayed for all sick people worldwide.

Life and facts about Pope Francis

Pope Francis was born in Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, and he is the first pope from the Jesuit order, the first pope from South America and the Western Hemisphere. Britannica’s biography of Pope Francis mentions that he is the son of Italian immigrants and he suffered surgical interventions before. He had part of his right lung removed due to pneumonia. Known as Francis I, he became Pope after Pope Benedict XVI retired due to his old age and health issues. So far, he has proven to be the most open-minded pontiff, and his statements have made sexual minorities hopeful that one day they can get married in church. Pope Francis is concerned with world peace, human rights, ecology, poverty and many other global issues.

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