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Korean Beauty Products Gain Popularity Worldwide

Those who are not familiar with the skincare routine of Korean women do not understand why the sudden hype regarding Korean beauty products. But make no mistake: Korean skincare products and beauty products are the best of the best. There are several reasons why so many dermatologists, influencers and makeup artists recommend Korean brands. The most important reason is the quality of Korean products.

Skincare routine- a must for Korean women

The skincare routine is never neglected in South Korea, and many women have several rituals they perform every morning and every night. This routine is the reason why South Korean women are known for their great glass-like skin. Routines consist of several steps, and perhaps the most famous one for westerners is the 10-step skincare routine.

10-step Korean skincare routine

This routine consists of cleaning and removing the makeup using a foaming facial cleanser; the next step is to apply a toner, then essence and pat it in. After these steps are taken, one must choose the correct serum depending on the age and skin type and then apply it gently. After the serum, a sheet mask can be applied. Eye creams and a night/morning cream are crucial. The key to glowing and healthy skin is consistency and using quality products.

South Korean brans: excellent quality for your money

South Korea is a technological country that never stops innovating, and the same goes for its beauty products. Because there are many cosmetic brands, South Koreans have a high standard and are not easy to please. The competition between cosmetic companies results in high quality and excellent offers. Some of the most innovative products created in South Korea have been the fabulous BB cream, the cute sheet masks, the pimple patches and even the under-eye masks. Once you try them, you might never go back to your usual brands.

Credit: Unsplash
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