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Experts Recommend This Healthy Diet To Recover From Covid-19

We should always try to eat healthy, but is a regular healthy diet good enough when recovering from Covid-19?
We should always try to eat healthy, but is a regular healthy diet good enough when recovering from Covid-19?

Dealing with the Covid-19 virus isn’t just physically challenging. Our bodies experience various symptoms that change our lifestyle and diet plans.

When ill, our bodies undergo a so-called ‘taxing time.” We can lose our energy and focus while our bodies fight to survive. Our immune system can also be compromised (as it wasn’t enough), and we start to feel hopeless. Luckily, there are some ways to boost our mood and immune system, helping us recover from Covid-19. The secret lies in the food we choose to eat. A proper diet can do wonders for our bodies, but only if we follow nutritionists’ recommendations.

Remember to discuss with a specialist any changes in your diet. What might suit a person’s needs could have opposite effects on you.

Don’t Forget About Vitamins

Vitamin C during the course of recovery is highly recommended. It contains antioxidants that can boost your overall immunity and mood.

Choosing to take a daily dose of vitamin C is essential. Fresh fruits, including oranges, avocados, mango, pineapple, kiwis, and grapefruit, can highly support your daily vitamin C intake. Just toss them into a smoothie made of soy, almond, or regular milk, and you’re ready to go!

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Proteins can repair your cells, build your muscles, and boost immunity. They can also replenish your energy, giving you that extra kick you really need! But that’s not all.

Reaching your daily protein intake is essential when battling Covid-19 or in the process of recovery. A daily protein intake, for example, is 1gr/kg body weight throughout the day, regularly. You can try lentil or chicken soup, milk products, such as cheese, yoghurt, or go for a fresh vegetable salad!

Omega-3 fatty acids have also been proved to be efficient, helping you build and maintain a healthy body.

Soy is Always a Great Idea

Soy is always perfect for your diet because it is one of those ingredients that can take care of fiber and protein at the same time. Adding soy to your diet is also great if you follow a plant-based diet.

Soy foods also contain a wholesome source of high-quality protein, so good for your body.

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Calories are Important

There are still people who choose to count calories daily. For those recovering from Covid-19, the lack of calories might actually cause more harm than good because your body really needs energy.

So, adding calorie-dense foods to your diet is essential. Just make sure the calories you consume are healthy. You can choose whole grains such as rice, potatoes, cereals, wheat, maize, and pasta to add a daily dose of calories to your meals.

Also, you should know that a lot of these foods have proteins in varying amounts.

Other Recommendations

Remember that it’s always better to discuss with a specialist before following a specific diet.

In addition to all of the above, make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking enough water. It is vital to limit your sugar and intake, as well, and replace saturated fats with unsaturated fats, such as soy, olive, or even sunflower oil, while cooking your favourite meals. Eating home-cooked meals for a while not only beat the Covid-19 virus but will also bounce you back on your feet faster.

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Exercising is essential, too, so don’t forget that going out for a walk can do wonders for your body. Hitting the gym and following a routine can also boost your immunity.

One thing is for sure. Staying safe and taking all necessary precautions is the best way to fight the Covid-19 virus. There are already so many ways you can choose to improve your lifestyle, so why don’t you try to follow at least some?

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