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What To Consider Before You Buy Your Kid A Smartphone

It’s time to move from the landline to a cellphone. But when it comes to giving your child a cell phone, there are many questions to consider. Just how do you get your child’s first phone without breaking the bank? Here are some tips for getting kids their first cellphone.

  • Set a budget

You may want your child to have the latest and greatest smartphone, but those can be very expensive. Consider setting a budget for your child’s first phone and stick to it. You can always upgrade later on if needed.

  • Consider different plans

There are many different types of plans available, so be sure to look at all your options before choosing one. Some plans offer unlimited talk time while others charge per minute or text sent or received (or both). Some plans allow you to swap out phones if needed, while others restrict which phones can be used with their service plans. You may also want to consider how many people will be on the plan, as well as whether or not there are any family discounts available.

  • Make sure they’re ready for it

It may seem obvious, but before you hand over any kind of tech device to your kids, make sure they’re ready for it. If you don’t think they’re mature enough for a smartphone or their other devices, don’t get them one yet.

  • Set limits on how much time is spent on the phone each day — and stick with them!

It can be difficult for parents to enforce this rule because they’re often out of sight when their children are using their phones

  • Ages 4–7: Consider a “kid phone”

If your son or daughter is too young for a smartphone but still needs an emergency contact number, consider getting them a kid phone. These phones are small, inexpensive and work like walkie-talkies — they’re best for brief conversations with Mom or Dad.


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