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Top 20 Comfy Onesies for Women

No matter your age, it is safe to say that onesies are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing, so why not wear some?

These one-piece pajamas are the ideal lounging and sleeping clothing but depending on what they represent, they can even be a super low-effort costume while still being a conversation started on Halloween that is bound to impress everyone at that party!

Furthermore, some more festive onesies are just as impressive on Christmas, and they can make great presents for your loved ones as well! The possibilities are endless!

With that being said, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing your very own onesie, or on the contrary, are trying to add to your already extensive collection, this article is here to help you hunt for some amazing onesies that you and everyone in your life will adore!

It includes some of the best-selling and highly rated ones on Amazon and they are all cute, comfortable, functional, and stylish, all the while being great quality.

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These adult women’s onesies will make you not want to ever leave the house, thanks to their soft fleece material and functionality.

And that’s nowhere near a bad thing, especially now that we are in a pandemic and social distancing as much as possible still plays a big role in minimizing the risks.

What this also means is that you’ll most likely find yourself relaxing at home during the weekend instead of attending any parties and going on trips so why not make that experience a little more rewarding by lounging on your couch in a cute onesie while binge watching your favorite show?

They are ideal if you work from home as well, allowing you to feel like you’re wearing a soft, warm blanket while at your job. Who wouldn’t want that?

All of a sudden, staying at home does not sound like such a bad idea after all!

Or maybe you’re someone who is always cold and needs something to make them feel cozy and warm while around the house.

And the best thing is that there are so many different styles you can choose from.

Whether you love cartoon character ones, animal ones, or matching family ones, you can find all kinds of options on the list we provided.

All of them are comfortable, high quality and simply perfect for lounging around the house, and most of them are super practical in general, having built-in slippers, hoods, and even pockets!

That being said, here are some of the most comfortable, cutest and best quality onesies for women you can find on the market and order right now!

All you have to do is browse them all and choose the one, or ones, you like the most in order to take your lounging experience to the next level!

Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Warm Fleece One Piece Pajamas, Adult Onesie

The first onesie on our list is machine washable and closes with a zipper so it’s super practical.

As the Amazon title also suggests, it is made out of warm and soft fleece material and it’s the perfect clothing for spending those cold winter days at home.

More precisely, it is made out of plush 250 Gsm Coral Fleece which will protect you from cold no matter how low the temperature is outside.

It is a footed onesie and the feet are non-skid, which means you don’t have to worry about slipping on your floor and falling down.

Furthermore, they are also removable if you prefer to have your feet out or if they overheat.

The Alexander Del Rossa Women’s Warm Fleece One Piece Footed Pajamas also features a drawstring hood as well as pockets to keep your hands warm or to carry things like your phone while you’re walking through the house.

All in all, this is also a perfect present for that special woman in your life that you want to tell “You deserve to relax” to no matter the occasion  – be it on Christmas, her birthday, Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, she is bound to appreciate it.

#followme Women’s Thermal Henley Onesie Union Suit

The #followme Women’s Thermal Henley Onesie Union Suit is made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, which means it’s both soft and absorbent as well as stretchy for maximum comfort!

In fact, this onesie has been created with comfort in mind first and foremost which means that you won’t have to worry about it being itchy, scratchy and overheating, causing the wearer to break into a sweat every time they have it on.

Thanks to the soft blend of materials, this product still allows your skin to breathe while keeping you warm and cozy.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a simple, more mature onesie, without any intricate styles and colors, which might be the one for you since it comes in solid, timeless colors, giving you a more classic look while not compromising on the comfort usually given by this type of one-piece pajama.

It comes with a stylish Henley neck that adds even more to the classic look and you can pick out of several shades of grey, white, red, purple, pastel pink and black.

Because it has a more snug fit rather than the usual oversized styles, this women’s thermal onesie is ideal for layering on those cold days and nights.

Of course, you can also totally use it as fitted pajamas as well.

The polyester it is partially made out of contributes to the durability of this onesie too, making sure that you’ll be able to wear it for a long time without having to worry about it ripping open at the seams or getting really thin and flimsy after wearing it a couple of times.

It will also not shrink and the color will remain vibrant no matter how many times you throw it into the washing machine for a quick and easy clean.

Finally, you are bound to love the attention to detail that has gone into making this product.

It’s just all around worth the investment!

Fruit of the Loom women’s Micro Waffle Premium Thermal Union Suit

The Fruit of the Loom women’s Micro Waffle Premium Thermal Union Suit is made out of 80% Polyester and 20% Cotton which makes it super durable and comfortable at the same time.

Furthermore, you may be pleased to find out that the cotton used to make this onesie is U.S. sourced while the polyester is recycled so if you care about the climate, make sure to pick it!

Soft poly/cotton micro waffle fabric tends to stretch more than usual, providing the wearer with the best fit.

The closure is the half-length front button type and the wrists and ankles are cuffed so the heart does not easily escape.

Finally, another amazing advantage is that the neck is free of any tags and labels so you won’t constantly get scratched on the back of your neck while wearing this onesie like it usually happens.

Disney Women’s Minnie Mouse Onesie

The Disney Women’s Minnie Mouse Onesie is perfect if you want something more fun but which still feels like a classic look – classic Disney, that is!

It has zipper closure and it’s super cute thanks to the polka dots motif that can be seen all over the fabric.

On the front, the word “Minnie” is embroidered while the hood has 3D Minnie Mouse ears and the classic polka dot bow.

Furthermore, fans of Disney will be thrilled to realize that even the zip features the logo, which may be a small detail but one that is definitely a win, especially since this is actually officially licensed Disney merch.

Casual Moments plus-size onesie

The Casual Moments plus-size onesie is well-made and extremely soft, which is why it has many positive reviews from buyers.

In fact, some of them mention that it’s so comfortable and cozy that they feel the need to “wear it as often as possible.”

The material used in making it is thick polyester and comes equipped with a front zipper, a hood with a drawstring as well as no less than 9 different prints you can choose from!

If you’re worried about washing it, you will be happy to know that it does not need any special treatment and that you can just throw it into the washing machine for a quick clean whenever it needs it.

This is obviously a great plus if you, just like many others who have already purchased it, are planning on living in this onesie pretty much day and night!

As mentioned before, it comes in a variety of print and color options including: pink bears, blue leopard print, lavender, light blue, pink cats, red, blue puppies, lavender leopard print and pink peace signs.

As for the sizes available, this is a plus-size option so it actually comes in XL and up to 3XL.

Mae Women’s Hooded Onesie Pajama

There is no secret that some people could never sleep with their socks on, often feeling like it’s really restricting, overheating and just plain uncomfortable, which makes sense!

If you are one of them but would still want to experience the wonderful world of onesies, no worries, the Mae Women’s Sleepwear Microfleece Hooded Onesie Pajamas with Poms is here to save you!

This is because this product is not footed.

Instead, it is designed with elastic cuffs.

It also features a hood that you’ll most likely enjoy a lot!

Not to mention that the soft microfiber material will keep you all warm and cozy everywhere else aside from your feet, which will be free to breathe all night.

Another useful feature is the split-kangaroo pocket at the front.

The drawstring pompoms add some style to the design as well.

Just keep in mind that if you are relatively tall, this might not be the best option for you as it is specifically made for “average to short” wearers, meaning that the legs and arms might be too short for taller people.

Other than that, this is a great product that comes in a variety of prints and colors including turquoise plaid, grey modern hearts, black star print, mouse Fair Isle, and red checkered plaid.

Finally, it is available in sizes S to XL.

Velvet Kitten Footloose Footed PJ Onesie Footie Pajamas

According to many happy buyers who reviewed the Velvet Kitten Footloose Footed PJ Onesie Footie Pajamas, this product is “warm, cozy, [and] sized well.

It is made out of polyester fleece and features a zip-up front design, cuffed wrists, as well as footsies with skid-resistant soles that will save you from slipping and falling whenever you wear it around the house.

It comes in three different holiday designs: holiday sweaters, black reindeer and trees, and red reindeer and snowflakes.

Just keep in mind that the fleece of this onesie is a little thinner than a lot of other onesies which is not necessarily a bad thing depending on your preferences.

After all, if you are someone who tends to overheat, you might enjoy this product a lot more than many others on this list so it all depends on your personal needs and requirements.

Finally, the Velvet Kitten Footloose Footed PJ Onesie Footie Pajamas are available in sizes ranging between S and XL.

Burt’s Bees Baby Family Organic Suits

The onesie from Burt’s Bees is made out of 100 per cent organic cotton so if you want to avoid any synthetic fabrics when purchasing your very own one piece PJ set.

Thanks to the material it is made out of, this might just be the best choice for you if you are someone with sensitive skin.

And that’s not all! This onesie also features ribbing for some gentle extra stretch as well as a ring-spun construction to maximize the softness!

The front buttons all the way to the top and it looks super cute!

Just keep in mind that some reviewers mentioned this product tends to shrink during wash a bit which is why you should either consider ordering a size up or just line-dry it.

It is available in the following designs: candy cane, green Fair Isle, green plaid, and ivory Fair Isle and in a range of sizes between XS and XL.

Unisex Adult Pajamas Onesies Animal Cosplay Costume Homewear Lounge Wear

This product is made from 100 per cent soft and loose-fitting fleece for maximum of comfort while you’re lounging in the couch or sleeping.

It also features two very useful side pockets and a hood.

But, of course, the real appeal of this onesie is that you get to just be a kid again and dress up like your favorite animal all day and night!

With that being said, you will be pleased to find out that there are more than 20 designs, some of them, depending on the animal they represent, also featuring things like tails, winged arms, built-in mittens and baby stuffed animals – all of them meant to complete the look and make you as cute as a button.

The designs you can choose from are: yellow rainbow unicorn, pink rainbow unicorn, owl, penguin, raccoon, parrot, koala, skeleton, parakeet, hamster, sloth, bunny, giraffe, wolf, seal, pig, fox, kangaroo, platypus, mouse, cat, Cheshire cat, Santa, bear and dragon.

As for the sizes, this product is available in S through XL.

Burt’s Bees Baby – Jumpbees, Matching Family Jumpsuits, One-Piece Hooded Zip-Front Romper

If you are someone who loves a matching set, you’ll really appreciate Burt’s Bees striped Jumpbees!

This onesie set is made out of cotton, is machine washable and there is a front zipper for your and your family members’ convenience.

The pieces are also designed with hoods, and the interior is brushed terry which means that it feels like the warmest, softest blanket is constantly hugging your whole body.

And since it is made to fit your entire family, including babies, toddlers, kids and even adults, it is also available in a wide range of sizes – XS-XXL.

If you own a pet and you don’t want to leave them out of the matching fest, you will be pleased to learn that they even make a candy-cane-striped bandanna specifically for your furry friend!

Unicorn women’s onesie

If you or someone you want to get a nice gift for is a huge fan of all things pink and sparkly, this onesie might just grab your attention!

This is because it is a rainbow, unicorn-themed onesie that will bring some well-deserved whimsy into anyone’s life.

Heart print women’s onesie

Another cute option, this women’s onesie with hearts printed all over is another great gift for that special person in your life.

The design is really cute and fashionable and there are actually quite a variety of colors and prints to choose from as well!

Buyers seem to be pleased with their purchase.

Women’s Footed Onesie FOREVER LAZY

The Women’s Footed Onesie FOREVER LAZY is a roomy option made out of polyester fleece, perfect for binging Netflix or any other lazy weekend activity you may prefer.

The deep pockets are a big win as far as reviewers are concerned and so is the concealed zipper drop-seat on the backside.

What this means is that when wearing this, you won’t have to get completely naked while using the toilet – something most people dislike about one-pieces such as onesies or rompers.

It is important to note that this onesie is actually unisex, which is great but that also means you need to pay really close attention to the sizing chart because of it.

Speaking of sizes, this product is available in XXS through XXL.

Finally, you can trust its quality as it boasts 4.3 stars on Amazon out of more than 850 reviews.

Unisex Flying Squirrel Onesie NEWCOSPLAY

Another unisex option, this Flying Squirrel Onesie comes in three colors and according to reviewers, it is durable and well made and keeps the wearer “toasty warm.”

It is made out of polyester and the pockets it is designed with are perfect for carrying your phone around the house.

The front button closure is also super useful as it makes going to the bathroom in this onesie a lot easier.

The only inconvenience is that this onesie is actually hand-wash only!

Other than that, it has no less than 4.6 stars out of around 800 reviews and is available in sizes S through XL.

Snorlax Onesie Costume Halloween Cosplay Jumpsuit, One Piece Pajamas

The Adult Snorlax Onesie VAVALAD is actually an Amazon best-seller and it’s no wonder why since so many people are Pokemon fans.

This sleeping pocket monster costume is available in three colors, all just as cute as each other!

It has an average rating of 4.6 stars on Amazon out of more than 400 reviews and it comes in sizes S through XL.

Totally Pink Women’s Plush Adult Onesies for Women

The Women’s Character Adult Onesie from TOTALLY PINK is the perfect choice whether you’re looking for a quick Halloween costume or some warm fleece pajamas.

Either way, you just can’t go wrong with this purchase!

It will keep you warm and cozy all through the winter.

Furthermore, it comes in 14 different styles including adorable animal prints with faces as well as fair isle patterns.

This brand also claims that their polyester material holds dye well naturally so it is totally fade proof.

This means that you’ll get to enjoy a vibrant onesie that looks like new for a very long time.

It boasts an average rating of 4.4 stars out of over 800 reviews and it comes in a wide range of sizes between S and XXL.

Rubie’s Despicable Me Minion Adult Costume Onesie

If you think Minions are cute, this is definitely the onesie for you!

You can wear it on Halloween or at themed parties but also in the comfort and safety of your own home, taking the lounging experience or working from home to the next level!

Basically, this is a loose-fitting onesie that is super cozy and breathable so you can wear it all throughout the year, not just during those super cold days and nights of winter.

Piglet Onesie JINCHAO

This Piglet Onesie from JINCHAO is the one we picked as an example for this list but if you would rather represent another Disney character, this brand has them!

The options include Eeyore, Sully, Winnie the Pooh, and Mrs. Potato Head!

This onesie is a zip up style and is machine washable.

According to buyers, it makes you feel like you’re wrapped in a “fleece blanket!”

The sizes available are between S and XL and the product boasts 4.3 stars on Amazon.

Unisex Alien Pajamas NEWCOSPLAY

It is safe to say that Toy Story Halloween costumes are more popular than ever before so it makes sense that this onesie is so popular!

NEWCOSPLAY also makes Monsters Inc. character onesies so you can also opt for one of those if you prefer.

According to some pregnant reviewers, this is also a wonderful maternity option.

It boasts an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon and comes in sizes S through XL.

Unisex Onesie Stitch Pajamas OGU’ DEAL

This Lilo & Stitch-inspired onesie is super cute, which is why so many Amazon shoppers love it!

It is a button-front onesie is and it’s safe to say that the hood is the highlight, making the beloved cartoon character come to life as soon as you pop it on your head!

Buyers who reviewed it also mention that this product “held up well in the wash” and that it is “very soft and cozy.”

It has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of almost 500 reviews and comes in sizes S through XL.