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Jennifer Aniston Supports Vaccination and Has Distanced Herself from Those Who Don’t

The famous Hollywood actress has been adamant about the importance of the Covid-19 vaccines to put an end to the pandemic. She has cut ties with those who refused to get the Covid-19 vaccine, including those who did not want to disclose their vaccination status. The star made the announcement for InStyle magazine, as she is scheduled to appear on the September cover.

Jennifer Aniston supports Covid-19 vaccination and mask wearing

The star mentioned in her interview the struggles actors and crew have to face during the pandemic. Filming during the pandemic can be tricky, as everyone needs to be tested and take several precautions. She also believes that everyone has the moral and professional responsibility to inform whether they are vaccinated or not. Jennifer Anniston revealed that she had to let some people go because they disagreed with vaccination, and she felt quite sad about it.

She also mentioned that those who are sceptical about vaccination often do not seem well informed and prefer to believe the propaganda. She also made several posts since the beginning of the pandemic where she asked people to wear a mask in public and indoor spaces.

The actress even shared private photos with an intubated friend

To convince people of how severe and dangerous the coronavirus can be, Jennifer Aniston shared a photo of her friend intubated at the hospital. Her friend Kevin was healthy before getting the SARS-CoV-2 infection, but unfortunately, he went through some major traumatic procedures, such as intubation. Other Hollywood actresses, such as Michelle Pfeiffer and Gwyneth Paltrow, praised her for spreading the message. Jennifer Anniston made several posts on Instagram related to the pandemic and precaution measures, showing the world that she believes in vaccination and mask-wearing.

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