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Advice For Dry January: What It Is, And How To Succeed At It

We all know that January is the month to abstain from alcohol, especially if you want to get in shape. But, if you’re going to have a dry January, you might as well enjoy it!

‘Dry January’ is an annual health challenge where participants give up alcohol for the whole month in order to cleanse their bodies and minds of all those Christmas spirits. While most people choose to do it for a month, there are plenty of people who do the challenge for longer periods of time.

Trying it out this year? Here’s our advice on how to succeed:

  • Find your motivation – Have a purpose and remember why you’re doing ‘dry January’. Are you doing it because you want to lose weight? Get fit and healthy? Or are you doing it just because everyone else is?
  • Keep busy – Dry January is not a holiday so make sure you keep busy with other things. Do something fun with your friends who are also taking part in the challenge.
  • Reward yourself – Make sure that every time you reach your goals or milestones, reward yourself for sticking at it. Treat yourself to a new outfit or something else that might motivate and inspire you throughout the month.

What happens if I do have a drink during Dry January?

Dry January isn’t the same as going on an alcohol detox or cutting out alcohol altogether. It’s just about cutting down how much you drink over the month. So if you do slip up, don’t beat yourself up about it – just try again next month.

What about after Dry January?

If you manage to make it through Dry January, we hope you’ll carry on with your healthy new habits. But we realize that after 31 days of sacrifice, there might be a few celebratory drinks at the end of it! Just remember to keep it within reason and drink responsibly.

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