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Happy New Year! How To Calm Pets During New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Although most people celebrate the new year on December 31st, many countries, including some in Europe and Asia, ring in the New Year on January 1st. I know that as a pet owner, it can be frustrating when your dog or cat gets frightened by all the noise from fireworks and other celebrations. So here are some tips to help calm your pets during New Year’s Eve celebrations:

1. Always have a plan. It’s best to have this plan in place before New Year’s Eve arrives so you know exactly what to do if your pet starts to freak out. You can decide whether you’ll stay indoors with your pet or take them outside for a walk during the celebration. If you’re taking them outdoors and there are fireworks going off, be sure to keep your pets leashed.

2. Feed them around dinnertime. If you feed your pet at the same time every day and they usually eat just before they go to sleep, it may help ease their anxiety if you feed them around dinnertime on New Year’s Eve. This will help them associate this special evening with eating dinner rather than being frightened by the noise of fireworks and loud celebrations outside.

3. Close the door to the room where your pet is so it can hide if it wants to. Play soothing music, such as classical or country, on low volume. This will drown out the sound of fireworks outside.

4. Stay calm- if your pet becomes upset because of the noise, try to stay calm yourself. This will help them feel secure and less on edge throughout the celebration.

5. Don’t leave your pet alone- if you’re hosting a party or going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve, don’t leave your pet alone in the house or yard. Keep them away from windows or doors so they won’t see scary things outside.

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