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6 Ideas For Keeping Tech From Taking Over Holiday Fun

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone is going crazy for Black Friday sales and discounting. But amidst all the excitement, you might have forgotten to get something great for your loved ones. If you are looking forward to buying some tech gifts, here are some tips to make sure your kids use them responsibly:

1. Encourage them to spend their time wisely: Set a limit to the amount of time they spend on gaming or online activities. This will help them stay on track with their studies and other important things. While it’s tempting to just say “no screens at all,” this isn’t practical — everyone needs to know how to use a computer and other devices these days. But too much time in front of the screen can have negative effects on development, so set some limits on how much time your kids use technology every day. For younger kids, aim for less than an hour

2. Become a tech advocate: Make sure that you know about their devices and apps so that you can guide them towards positive experiences.

3. Teach them how to handle cyberbullying: Kids these days need to be taught how to handle cyberbullying in a responsible manner. You can show them how not to react with violence and instead channel their anger in a productive way.

4. Show them how to be safe online: It’s important that they learn the basics of being secure while browsing online or using social media. They must be aware of the dangers associated with sharing too much personal information on public platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

5. Establish ground rules for when tech toys can and cannot be used. For example, maybe your child can play a video game on an iPad only after completing homework or chores.


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