Tips to Tame Stress in the Holiday Season

Holiday seasons are all about spending time with friends and family, but for someone struggling with mental health issues, it can also be a difficult time of year.

In order to make the holidays this year less stressful, here are some tips on how to manage your mental health during this season:

1. Learn how to say “no” in a positive way. As much as you want to help others, you have to prioritize yourself first. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by social events or overcommitted, learn how to communicate that in a positive way so that you don’t offend anyone. Say something like “I’m so glad you asked me! I’d love to join you, but I already made plans earlier in the day.”

2. Don’t forget about your physical health. It’s easy to let our physical health fall by the wayside for any number of reasons, and that’s especially true during the holidays when we’re eating more rich foods and less exercise. Make sure you take time for exercise, even just ten minutes a day if that’s what you have time for!

3. Don’t let yourself get too busy. If you find yourself getting overwhelmed, step back for a moment and realize that you can change things to make it easier on yourself. If you have been asked to do something that will require too much time, don’t let other people pressure you into doing it. Say no and explain why it won’t work for you.

4. Do what makes you happy: If watching football or catching up on your favorite show gives you pleasure, then do so. If trying on numerous outfits for hours with your friends brings joy into your life, then do that too. The holidays should make us happy, so don’t feel guilty about doing what brings happiness into your life.

Mary J. Payne
Mary has over 10 years of experience as a journalist. She loves to travel and write about her experiences, but she also covers topics such as education, career advice and finances.