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Quick Tips For Polished & Pretty Gift Wrapping

Holiday gift-giving season is in full swing and with that comes the challenge of wrapping all those gifts. Who has time to cut, fold, tape and decorate boxes to look like a work of art?

If you’re short on time, but want to give your gifts a stylish makeover, consider these tips:

1. Buy pre-made gift boxes. Gift boxes can be found at just about every retailer, making it easy to purchase them in bulk online. Selecting boxes in seasonal colors or prints makes for a pretty presentation without the extra hassle of having to wrap each individual package. You can also find gift bags that come prefilled with tissue paper if you’re really short on time.

2. Use solid color tissue paper. Solid colored tissue paper adds an elegant touch to your gift box without having to spend hours trying to match patterns or designs. Rolled up and placed in layers inside your box, it allows you to create dimension and texture without any extra effort. You can also use solid-colored ribbon for the same effect.

3. Check beforehand to make sure your tape dispenser works well and that the wrapping paper tears cleanly without too much crumpled mess on the ends. Wrapping paper with “memory” makes it easier to unwrap gifts later on because it doesn’t tear unevenly or leave behind paper scraps.

4. Don’t be sloppy with tape. Although sticky tape is usually a last resort, if you can’t find anything else, don’t be sloppy with it. Use tape sparingly and don’t let it hang down like Christmas garland — not only is it unsightly, it can ruin the recipient’s present when they unwrap it.

5. If you’re short on time, but still want your gifts to look great—consider using gift bags instead of boxes. They’re faster to assemble and they give you the flexibility to try out new paper patterns and bows.

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