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The Best Way To Clean A Kitchen – Tried & Tested

Cleaning kitchens is one of those tasks many of us would rather avoid. But if you put in the right effort, you can get your kitchen looking good as new without spending too much time or money. Here are some of our top tips for cleaning kitchens and getting them looking shipshape in no time at all.

Tackle the tough jobs first

Take on the biggest or most unpleasant jobs first – this way, you’ll build up a head of steam and will be more likely to carry on cleaning. If you tackle jobs that require little physical effort first, like wiping down surfaces, your energy will start to wane and it could be tempting to call it quits before you’ve got everything finished.

Clean as you go

There’s no need to clean your entire kitchen from top to bottom before even starting – just pick an area and tidy as you go. This way, you’ll avoid having to tackle enormous tasks with a huge amount of unnecessary cleaning products and equipment at once. It also means that your kitchen will stay cleaner for longer, as everything won’t have been scattered across the floor when you come back to it after having tackled another job.


When organizing your kitchen, start with the cabinet doors. Remove all of the items from the cabinets and drawers and put them on the counter tops or table. This makes it easier to see what you have and decide what needs to stay and what needs to go. After this task is complete, begin organizing the cabinets by putting like items together.

Wipe cabinets and appliances daily

While the stove is still warm after cooking, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge to remove any food particles that may have accumulated there. For appliances such as your fridge, which you should not wipe while they are still warm, clean them at least once a week.

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