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Setting Up Your Home Bar Is Easier Than You Think: Here’s How

A well-stocked home bar can be the difference between an average party and a memorable soiree. Guests will appreciate having a variety of beverages that they don’t have to leave your home to enjoy, and being able to make a favorite cocktail or mixed drink at home will impress those who consider themselves connoisseurs of spirits. Before you can start mixing up your own alcoholic concoctions, you need to have a set-up. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Plan ahead. Before you start shopping for all of your barware and alcohol, decide where it’s going to go. Draw up a floor plan that includes measurements, and take into account the flow of traffic in your home. Where is everyone going to stand, sit or walk? Your furniture and flooring choice should account for this traffic flow. There needs to be enough room for people to get from one place to another without running into each other or blocking the path of others.
  • It is also important to consider how much counter space you will have available. You may find that it’s easier and more convenient to store your beer bottles or wine bottles on their sides next to the counter so that they take up less space than when they’re standing upright. You can also purchase side cabinets that are made especially for storing alcohol bottles.
  • Tools. You’ll want something to use as a muddler for crushing herbs and fruit in cocktails, as well as something to stir with. Teaspoons and jiggers will help you measure ingredients, which is essential for making a good cocktail.
  • Know what you like to drink. Just because there’s an open bottle of tequila doesn’t mean you have to drink it. If it’s not in your normal routine, have only a small amount — otherwise you might regret it later.
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