Credit: Unsplash, Sarah Dorweiler

Easy Tips for Sustainability Made Simple

We all hear about sustainability and how we should be making better choices in our lives. But what does it really mean, and how can we incorporate it into our own lives? A sustainable lifestyle means that your day-to-day actions don’t negatively affect the future of the planet. Being sustainable means taking care of yourself and the world around you, which will ultimately cause a ripple effect for generations to come. You can do this by making small changes in your life. Sometimes, these adjustments will seem like no big deal, but when you add them up over time, they can make a big difference. Here are some ways you can start living a more sustainable lifestyle:

  1. Turn off lights when they’re not in use. This is so simple you probably don’t even need it spelled out. But while you’re at it, turn off electronics when you’re not using them too. It takes energy to run all that stuff even when they’re “off.”
  2. Recycle . Learn about what you can recycle in your community, and do it. If you can’t recycle something in your town, find out why and help change policy if necessary.
  3. Buy used instead of new . You can get almost anything secondhand these days, from clothes to cars, books to electronics. Not only is buying used cheaper in the long run (it really adds up), but most things last longer when they haven’t been mistreated by hundreds of other people first.
  4. Eat locally produced food. By eating locally produced food, you support farmers in your own region and reduce transport costs and greenhouse gas emissions resulting from shipping food long distances. Eating locally also reduces food waste.
  5. Choose energy-efficient appliances and electronics and unplug them when not in use (for example, only use the dishwasher/washing machine when it is fully loaded).
Mary J. Payne
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