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Self Care Trips: How To Plan One

Once a month, set aside a special trip just for you. Go someplace that’s away from your normal routine, and where you can relax. Maybe it’s somewhere near where you live, or somewhere exotic. Perhaps it’s somewhere in between. No matter what it is, it’s somewhere where you will have time to yourself.

If you’d rather stay local, check out a spa retreat. These retreats typically offer daily access to pools, hot tubs, and steam baths. They’re typically located in beautiful natural settings, like mountains, so you can enjoy the scenery while you’re relaxing.

A trip doesn’t have to be expensive. You can just go to a nearby state park or the beach. You can go to a museum or walk in the woods. Use your imagination. When you plan your trip, decide what you’d like to get out of it. Maybe you just want to relax, maybe you want to do something active, or maybe you’d like to meet some interesting people. Whatever it is, make it a priority.

On the day of your trip, leave everything behind. Pack up only the essentials, and leave the rest behind. On the plane, in the car, or on the train, don’t check your mobile phone or your emails. Concentrate entirely on the trip.

When you arrive at your destination, leave your car behind and set out on foot. Walk around the town, or hike to a beautiful waterfall. If you normally run or work out at the gym, take the day off.

When you get back home, spend some time thinking about what you learned on the trip. Write about it in a journal, or draw a picture. Share what you learned with your friends. You don’t have to take a big trip every month. Maybe it’s only once a year. But it will help you develop a regular habit of self-care.

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