Skin Care Routine And Cosmetic Products Guideline For Beginners
Image: Unsplash

Skin Care Routine And Cosmetic Products Guideline For Beginners

Skin care routine and cosmetic products have taken over the world. In a generation where everyone wants to look pretty, the beauty product industry has been making a lot of profit, especially in the past 15 years. Although taking care of your skin and caring for your body is not bad, where should we draw the line? 

More cosmetic products don’t necessarily mean better skin. However, it is embedded in our culture to have flawless, glowing skin. Whether we look at celebrities, influencers, or social media in general, there is a pretty high standard set up for “perfect skin.” 

Many famous figures promote different skin care routine and cosmetic products that it can be quite frustrating to pick one. What products make the skin good skin? The truth is every skin is different and requires different elements. Understanding the skin product labels can be pretty tricky unless you are a dermatologist. 

However, one thing is clear: we need to pay attention for our skin. Skin care routines can prevent skin cancer, sun damage, premature aging and bring a comforting feeling about ourselves. I have prepared a few skin care tips to start your own skin care routine. You will eventually reach that glowing stage everyone is rooting for; dont give up!

Sunscreen protection 

We need to protect our skin from UV rays. Although some people believe that wearing sunscreen can lead to skin cancer, experts disagree. Regardless of the melanin level in our skin, we need to wear sun cream protection. Make it part of your skin care routine. 

“Yes, we are at risk. And yes, we do need sunscreen,” Robinson says Dr. Caroline Robinson, a dermatologist specializing in ethnic and preventative skin care. 

Set skin care goals

Before setting up skin goals, you need to figure out what type of skin you have. The most common categories are dry, oily, normal, or a combination of them. Before buying a cosmetic product, you need to pay attention to your skin type and then decide on the goal. Otherwise, you’ll just end up buying different cosmetic products in vain. 

Three simple rules

Before starting a skin treatment, keep in mind these three simple rules: cleanse, treat, protect. You need to use a cleanser to wash your skin’s impurities away. The next step is to treat your skin with something that will get you closer to your goal. Whether it is moisturizing for dry skin or other active ingredients, you need to treat your skin specifically. Last but not least, protect your skin with sunscreen. 

Look for cosmetic products with active ingredients that could help your skin condition, such as retinoids, antioxidants, humectants, or hyaluronic acid. Depending on your goal, focus on the right ingredient. Think hard about what you want to treat and pick a suitable cosmetic product. 

Application order

Once you have set up your skin goals and found the right product, it is time to apply them to your skin. Not everyone is an expert in skin care routines. According to those who are, the trick is to apply the thinnest cosmetic product first and follow through with the thickest—for example, toner, moisturizing lotion, and then night cream. 

Skin care routine is a process

Like any other process, it takes time. As mentioned above, one product won’t work for everyone, so prepare yourself for several trials. Don’t be quick to give up, have patience and always keep your goal in mind. 

According to dermatologists experts, you should try a skin care routine for at least three months in order to see if it works or not. However, look at the bright side, you get four tries per year and minimize the costs of buying new cosmetics every week or month. 

More doesn’t equal better 

Just because a beauty product is expensive, it doesn’t mean it will work for your skin type. Dont overlook the power of simple things, such as massaging your face, for example. 

Look for products that combine different active ingredients you need to reach your goal to save yourself some money and reduce the number of skin applications. It might take some time to find the right products and skin care routine, so dont go overboard spending too much too soon.