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Adding spices to our food is how we help the ingredients develop further flavor. Even a bland recipe can become more appetizing if we add some extra spices. Some people prefer to grow their micro plants and spices, while others buy organic ones or just regular spice bags from the supermarket. Many of the spices we use have health benefits that some of us might now know. It is not only about flavors but also about our health.

Sumac- a spice from the Middle East

This red-colored spice is mainly used in the Middle-eat and the Mediterranean, but it has been known for centuries. An article explains that the Greeks believed it had antiseptic properties, and they used it to cook and as medicine. The sumac berries are harvested, dried, and the ground, turning the powder an intense red. During the Roman Empire, sumac was used for its tanginess flavor, and it was considered to have anti-diuretic properties. A great way to use it is to rub it into the meat before the cooking process or add it into your hummus.

Shichimi tōgarashi – A Japanese spice mixture

This spice mixture containing seven colors of chili pepper is popular in Japan and other Asian countries. Some of the ingredients mentioned on most containers are black sesame seeds, orange peel, hemp seeds, ginger, seaweed, poppy seed, white sesame seeds, sanshō, and chili pepper. Some write about the health benefits this mixture of spices has. Because of the ingredients, this mixture has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Some sprinkle the mixture on top of their popcorn, while others add it to the main dish.

Merkén – the Chilean pepper that will add a zing into your dish

This smoked chili pepper has a rich flavor, and it adds a bit of spice to your dish. The Mapuche created this spice using a red pepper, coriander, and salt. The pepper goes through a preparation process, and it is smoked and dried. Most people who prefer spicy food add it on top of all their meals, and some use it before and after cooking their food.

The great news is that we can taste many delicious spices worldwide, even if we cannot travel everywhere. It is a way of exploring and learning new things about other places, and the health benefits are another significant advantage

Elizabeth G. Cole
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