AirPods And Earbuds: The Best Cleaning Tips
Image: unsplash

AirPods And Earbuds: The Best Cleaning Tips

AirPods and earbuds can get very dirty. Earwax, grease can even dull the sound. However, with a proper cleaning technique, you can sort out these issues and get rid of the awful feeling. 

Why clean your earbuds?

The main reason your should clean your AirPods and earbuds is to prevent ear infections. The second reason is to fix the dull sound. However, we can also include other reasons, such as the sickening feeling you get after using them and the awful overall look. 

Although our ears produce earwax naturally, when the cerumen gets stuck on the earbuds, they can develop bacteria which is then passed back into our ears. You can prevent infections by cleaning and disinfecting the AirPods and earbuds. However, you need to be careful not to cause damage. 

There are many types of earbuds, so I’m going to help you out with simple guidelines. 

Earbuds with removable silicone tips

If you have earbuds with removable silicone tips, you are lucky. It is much easier to clean these types of earbuds as the silicone tip acts as a protection against earwax. 

Soak the earbud tips in warm soapy water for half an hour. If they are a mess, I suggest adding the warm water in a container, putting the silicone tips in, and closing it with a lid. Shake the container to remove the gunk. If this doesn’t work either, clean each tip with a cotton swab. Leave them to dry before putting them back on the earbuds. 

Cleaning other types of AirPods and earbuds

Use a disinfecting solution or alcohol to clean the exterior of AirPods and earbuds. However, be careful not to wipe the speaker mesh. You can damage your earbuds if you do so. 

Cleaning the speaker mesh is a bit risky, but it works if you do it lightly. Use a cotton swab to clean the debris on the speaker mesh. If it doesn’t work, use a very delicate brush. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. If you do, the debris will go through the mesh, and you won’t be able to get it out easily. 

However, if somehow you manage to get the earwax stuck in the speaker mesh, don’t fret. Buy some Fun-Tak and rub them together. Once they warm up, press it against the mesh. Use a toothpick to take the debris out. 

Cleaning your charging case

Cleaning your AirPods and earbuds is not the only thing you should do. What’s the point if you are going to stick them back into a dirty charging case? Also, please pay attention to where you live the charging box as it can collect lint easily. 

Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the overall dirt inside and outside the box. Now it is time to disinfect the charging box without touching the charging ports. For this, you’ll need to dampen a cloth or cotton swab in an alcohol or disinfecting solution. Proceed to clean the inside of the box gently. 

What to avoid while cleaning 

Although some AirPods and earbuds are waterproof, that doesn’t mean you should soak them in water. You can soak the removable silicone tips, but not the entire earbuds. 

The best way to clean the AirPods and earbuds properly is to use a soft cloth or a cotton swab. You should also refrain from using a sharp object to clean the speaker mesh. A toothpick is safer than a safety pin. A safety pin can puncture the mesh easily, and you’ll just damage a good pair of earbuds. However, using a soft-bristled brush can also do the trick.