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There has been a nationwide recall for two dozen shrimp products in the U.S. Articles mention that big retailers such as Target and Whole Foods have recalled the products after nine people from four different U.S states have been diagnosed with Salmonella. The FDA published a statement in which they announce that Avanti Frozen Foods Company has decided to recall frozen cooked shrimp.

Info regarding the recalled products

As published on the FDA website, Avanti decided to extend a recall from June. The recall included different frozen cooked, peeled and deveined shrimp. The packages also contain a cocktail sauce, and it was sold in various sizes. The products have been delivered to retailers from November 2020 to May 2021, and some products might be infected with Salmonella. Some other products that could also be contaminated are the tempura rolls and other sushi rolls. Retailers have used the shrimp to prepare sushi rolls, and thus, the tempura sushi might have been contaminated.

The CDC confirmed the Salmonella outbreak

Yesterday, the company announced that there had been a Salmonella outbreak related to frozen cooked shrimp. There have been three new cases identified since the outbreak in July. There have been three hospitalisations, and no deaths were reported. The products from Avanti have been sold under multiple brands, including supermarkets brands such as 365. It is essential to check the updated list before purchasing frozen shrimp. The initial recall has been expanded, and the CDC asks everyone who has bought frozen shrimp and has stored the product at home to check the label.

What are the most common salmonella symptoms?

This organism can cause fatal infections, and it weakens our immune system. The most common symptoms are fever, bloody diarrhoea, nausea, pain at the abdominal level and extreme vomiting.


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