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Best 12 Thermometers To Have In Your Home

Not sure which thermometer to choose when there are so many options on the market? Here are a few ideas.
Not sure which thermometer to choose when there are so many options on the market? Here are a few ideas.

While it may not seem essential, having a thermometer in your home can really come in handy, now more than ever! But even if you are fully vaccinated and are really careful not to get COVID-19, there are still many situations where you or the young ones in your life could use a good thermometer. Better safe than sorry!

This way you can immediately know if it’s just a little flush or if you or your loved ones actually need to head to the emergency room!

At the beginning of the pandemic, many thermometers went out of stock for obvious reasons but now that things have calmed down a little, the stocks have been replenished and you can rest assured that you have a lot of great options to choose from.

In case you don’t know where to start, however, here are some pieces of advice as well as some recommendations!

Before purchasing a thermometer, it’s indicated to know what exactly you’ll use it for. Of course, their basic function is measuring your body temperature, verifying it’s within normal range or not.

However, some modern thermometers come with certain perks and extra functions, such as tracking ovulation, smart apps and more!

In case you want one for your toddler or child, you should pick a product that is easy to clean and has fast reading since kids are not exactly known for being patient.

In other words, make sure to choose a thermometer based on your main need since not all of them are as useful in every situation.

With that being said, we have compiled a list of 12 thermometers, all with an array of functions and with links to where you can purchase them on Amazon, so you can make an informed choice.

 iHealth No-Touch Forehead Thermometer

The first on the list is a bestseller so you can rest assured that it’s a quality product.

As for what it offers, it uses three infrared sensors to read a hundred data points without any skin contact. All you need to do is point it at your forehead!

The special algorithm it possesses will receive and combine the data and give you the most accurate reading in a matter of seconds!

Not to mention how easy it is to use for any age and ability due to the fact that it has one main button and a rather bright LED screen with large text on it!

Innovo Forehead and Ear Thermometer

Innovo’s Forehead and Ear thermometer has a very practical backlit display and also comes with a visual and auditory fever alarm so you’re never confused about your health.

It also has two modes – ear and forehead – and clear buttons for you to toggle in between them.

One very useful feature is the fact that it stores the last 20 readings so you can easily track your body temperature over a longer period of time to notice patterns.

 iProven Dt-R1221AWG Medical Thermometer

The third entry on our list is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much on a thermometer while also not compromising on accurate reading.

It is a small and discreet one and can be used both orally and rectally, making it the ideal thermometer for newborns since these are the most accurate methods of reading.

Usually, under the tongue thermometers are considered quite uncomfortable to use but this one is not nearly as bad due to its flexible tip.

It is waterproof as well and that makes it super easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about any germs accumulating.

Braun Digital Ear Thermometer

This popular brand creates very accurate products to the point that it’s usually the go-to pick for medical professionals! However, aside from being so well made, it was also designed with users in mind so you don’t have to be a doctor to buy one!

First of all, it comes with a pre-warmed tip since this is an ear thermometer and putting cold things in your ear canal is not the most comfortable.

Not to mention that this makes the reading more accurate as well since a cold tip would cool down the surface of the skin and trick the thermometer into giving a lower temperature reading otherwise.

To ensure that you are using it correctly, the Braun Digital Ear Thermometer also comes with a sensor system that beeps when the product is in the correct position.

Kinsa Smart Ear Thermometer

This is a very smart solution to your health problems since the Kinsa Smart Ear thermometer takes readings and then proceeds to sync them to the app that comes with it via Bluetooth.

In the Kinsa app, you can also manually enter other symptoms you may be experiencing and even check out other users’ health histories to make the best decision to yourself.

The app is available both for iOS and Android and features personalized health recommendations.

But if you are not too technologically inclined, don’t worry, it can also be used just like a normal ear thermometer, without the need of the app!

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer TAT-2000C

This option is one of the most comfortable ones if you have kids and they get sick often since it captures its reading from the temporal artery through the forehead skin. This means no more uncomfortable under the tongue or ear thermometers!

Your child will no longer need convincing since this reading only takes a moment and it’s as accurate as it can be!

It comes with a bright display so you can even take the temperature in the dark while they’re sleeping to monitor their health at any point.

Boncare Digital Oral Thermometer

The next entry is number one on Amazon’s list of best-selling oral thermometers due to the fact that almost 15,000 users have rated this five stars!

The design is simple but efficient, having a flexible tip that makes it perfect for under the tongue or armpit use, both options giving very accurate readings in the case of young kids and even babies.

Not only that but it is also one of the most affordable options!

FridaBaby Quick-Read Digital Rectal Thermometer

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics, babies under the age of 12 months need a rectal thermometer for the most accurate reading and this is one of the best on the market!

It has a flexible tip and, unlike many others, it is a bit shorter so that parents avoid hurting their infants by mistake.

The reading is quite fast as well, only taking 10 seconds to display the result on the bright LCD screen.

Elepho eTherm Thermometer

Elepho eTherm is an infrared thermometer and gets the temperature in just one second and with zero trouble from either the forehead or ear.

It’s perfect for the whole family and shows the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

All in all, it’s a really simple option, with no extra perks but it’s definitely a safe bet if you just need something to make a quick and accurate reading.

Braun Thermoscan3 Thermometer

The Braun Thermoscan3 Thermometer is a wireless smart thermometer, letting you monitor your baby’s temperature in real time.

It features a silicone patch that gently adheres to the infant’s skin and then relays the results to the “smart base,” continuously tracking all the changes in temperature.

Anything abnormal is followed by an alarm alert and the LED screen also flashes so you can immediately act and take them to the hospital.

With that being said, many parents absolutely love this product but, judging by the reviews, even users with no kids rave about its easy to clean design and overall functionality.

Femometer Touchless Forehead Thermometer

While thermometers are usually handy in the case of illness, they can also be used to track a woman’s ovulation and therefore, useful for family planning!

Vinca is a very precise pick and connects to your phone through Bluetooth, keeping track of the fertile days based on daily temperature spikes.

Every day, an alarm will remind you to take your temperature at the same time for accuracy and the data is compiled on the phone to calculate your most fertile window.

This means that it’s just as useful whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoid one. Of course, you need to be a lot more careful about that second one but it’s better than nothing!

Withings Thermo

The last entry on our list is a high-end one, with no less than 16 different infrared sensors.

It takes more than 40,000 measurements from the temple, showing you pretty much the most accurate reading on the market.

It’s hassle free too since it does not need to get in contact with the skin.

The reading is first displayed on the LED screen before it gets sent to an app on your phone, being able to track the readings of multiple people at the same time (up to 8) so one thermometer is more than enough for the whole family!

Not only that but, the app also comes with health advice so it’s no surprise so many buyers think it’s worth the steeper price and even dubbed it as the “best thermometer ever!”

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