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Back to school 2021 Raises Many Red Flags

Back to school 2021 doesn’t sound as promising, with the Delta variant spreading wildly around the world. Parents are very concerned about starting the new school year and have lots of questions. With the recent outbreaks among the youth, the future looks pretty uncertain. 

“We recognize that, given our recent increases in cases, there is anxiety around school reopening,” said county Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

However, going back to school in person is vital for the children’s social life. Interaction with the other kids is also very essential. 

“We are confident schools have done an excellent job following all the mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID,” encourages L.A. County Office of Education Supt. Debra Duardo. 

Other political and education leaders have said the same thing; however, only time will show the truth. Hopefully, the number of COVID cases will slow down, and things will go back to normal. However, it seems like a dreamy wish at the moment. 

Online classes 

Although parents can opt for online classes, it will be a more inferior experience compared to last year. So far, 10,280 students are opting for online classes, just over 2% of last year’s K-12 enrollment of 465,000. However, many change their mind last minute. Here are a few homeschool programs worth joining in 2021. 

Vaccines for kids under 12

There are no vaccines available for children under 12. Therefore, this is one of the parents’ main concerns since the vaccine is the only hope at the moment. 

“I am appalled and insulted by the push to crowd children under 12 years, who are NOT eligible for vaccination into full day and after-school programs,” Bridget Gordon, a parent to a 10-year-old, signed up in a dual-language program, wrote in an email.

Quarantine protocols 

Who needs to stay in quarantine in the case of a positive test? The whole class? Close contact is not very well defined, and parents are pushing for answers. L.A. Unified consultant Jim Morris addresses the issue and says that’s what the holding space is for. If someone tests positive, they will stay in a holding space until a parent can pick them up. 

With the social distancing now over, schools have improved ventilation, more frequent cleaning and strong hygiene practices to compensate. Children are also encouraged to follow the hygiene rules, such as washing hands frequently.