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Charlie Watts Might Miss ‘No Filter’ Tour

The iconic band will start their U.S tour ‘No Filter’ this fall, and the drummer Charlie Watts might not be able to join in. Watts underwent a medical procedure and has recently turned 80 years old. These might be the two reasons why he needs to rest at home. Media reports mention that this turn of events was unplanned, and he was scheduled to start rehearsing with the band soon.

Who is taking his place?

It appears that Steve Jordan, a drummer who has already collaborated with Keith Richards for many years, will be the one to replace Charlie Watts for the U.S tour this year. Steve Jordan declared that he would willingly hand over the drums to Watts once he is in better health. He also mentioned that it is an absolute honour for him to participate in the ‘No filter’ tour.

Charlie Watts’s medical procedure remains unknown

The veteran drummer has been part of the legendary Rolling Stones since its beginnings in 1962. He declared that he has been trying hard to become as fit as possible, but he had to follow the doctor’s advice and take some time off. However, because he understands that the Covid pandemic has caused so many sufferings and many concerts have been cancelled, he decided to take time off and join in for future tours. He also mentioned that he is friends with Steve Jordan, and he was the one that asked Jordan to take his place for the ‘No Filter’ tour.

The medical procedure Watts underwent remains unknown, but a band’s spokesperson declared that it was successful. Charlie Watts has had a fantastic career and has been in excellent health for many years, participating in almost all projects. Despite his throat cancer diagnosis in 2004, he managed to recover fully and remain active.

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