Bill Nye Claims There’s No Afterlife, According To His Studies

We are all curious about what’s after death: is it Heaven? Hell? Do we get reincarnated? Is it nothing? According to Bill Nye, the Science Guy, there are a lot of pieces of evidence that deny the idea of the afterlife, according to

We still don’t know for sure, even though most of the religions out there claim they know the answer. If we are to take a look at it from a scientific point of view, there is little evidence about the human spirit leaving the human body.

There are many people claiming that they have been through the afterlife after a NED – near-death experience. NEDs usually happen during extreme trauma. Some people said they heard voices from the other side or saw bright lights. Some others claimed that they were taken to another realm, where they’ve seen Heaven and Hell. Studies show that the culture of the patient is very important when it comes to what they see in that moment.

Bill Nye has recently talked about this idea. According to him, most people think that their spirits will take an idealized version of themselves – perhaps one from the past. He stated that this is quite impossible since most people die at an old age, and it is unusual for the spirit not to look like the human body does at the moment of death.

Everybody is going to die. I have never met anyone who is not going to die. I’ve never met anyone who is of a certain age who’s not already dead. It sucks! Now here’s the evidence for why I don’t believe in an afterlife,” said Bill Nye.

He continued with the fact that he would have loved to remain in the same physical state he was in at 23 years old. But since humans age, that’s not the case. People my age have a lot of grandparents and parents who are not as sharp, certainly not as athletically capable or physically capable as they were when they were younger. “And so watching ourselves die is to me, overwhelming evidence that there is no life after death.”

Mary J. Payne
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