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Tokyo Olympics Starts Today with the Openning Ceremony

The Olympic Games is probably the most anticipated sports event of 2021, and many people want to watch all the ceremonies and different sports online or on T.V. Unfortunately, tourists and supporters will not be allowed at the Olympic Games due to the Covid-19 pandemic and Japan will suffer a huge economic loss. The tourism related to the Olympic Games was an economic boost for hosting countries, but it seems that this will not be the case this year.

The Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics

The Opening Ceremony will start today at 8 pm local time in Japan. Those who want to watch the ceremony can choose from several channels in the U.S., such as NBC, USA, CNBC, NBCSM and more. There will also be special editions to broadcast the interviews with athletes, and those who want to make an effort can spend the whole day watching events related to the Olympic Games.

Schedules for E.T. and P.T. times:

Those who want to watch the first day of the Olympic Games in E.T. time have to wake up at 6:55 for the Opening Ceremony until 11 am. For P.T., the opening starts at 3.55 and ends at There is even a special option for those who do not enjoy waking up early; they can watch the replay at night: 1.38 am E.T., and 2:13 am P.T. There are also plenty of channels that will broadcast different sports taking place at the same time.

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 are taking place this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and they will end on August 8. The Tokyo Olympics organizers hope things run smoothly and no more Covid-19 related infections will appear in the Olympic village. Recently, the organizers offered athletes condoms but advised them not to break the rules of the state of emergency in Japan.


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