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Tips for Talking with Your Children about Sex and Puberty

Many parents understand the importance of healthy communication with their children, and because of that, some of us want to know what to say and when to say it. Children learn in school and at home crucial things that will affect their lives.

There are several topics such as their bodies, their health concerns when it comes to sexual relationships, puberty and more. Specialists believe that if we talk to our children openly and honestly since they are young, talks about sex and puberty should not be difficult.

Some tips gathered from different experts include:

The earlier you start, the better

Everyone should know the anatomical parts of the male and female human bodies. In addition, because humans are curious beings, even children younger than four will start asking questions. For the 0-4 age group, specialists recommend explaining the different body parts, what it means to take care of our body and what is allowed when interacting with other children and adults.

Personal safety should also be reinforced once the children get older and spend more time in school or with their friends. It is important to talk with our children about healthy boundaries and make them feel safe as a parent. Talking about sexual relationships and STDS is also crucial, and studies show that informed children make better choices.

Make sure your tone of voice is appropriate

Sometimes parents can think that they are effectively talking with their children, but our tone of voice can confuse them. Being honest and talking using precise terminology in a neutral tone of voice will help children understand better.

There is no need to feel embarrassed when talking about sexual relationships and body parts. Positive body image talks should also be incorporated, and as they grow older, children can also talk with health providers such as gynaecologists to find out more information.

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