Korean baby girl names
Image: unsplash

Top 20 Korean Baby Girl Names With Positive Meanings

Are you waiting for a new baby girl? The struggle to find the right name is real, but it helps get a little inspiration from the internet. This article includes 20 Korean baby girl names that might be the perfect choice for your little angel. Ever since the rise of K-pop and K-dramas, Korean names also became popular. However, the best thing about Korean baby girl names is their meaning. 

Without further ado, here is our selection for you:

  1. Aera – This lovely Korean name means ‘love’.
  2. Ara – This name means ‘beautiful and good’.
  3. Bae – This lovely short name means ‘inspiration.’ 
  4. Bong Cha – means the ‘ultimate girl’.
  5. Byeol – means a ‘star’.
  6. Chun Hei – This name means ‘grace’ and ‘justice’.
  7. Dasom – The name Dasom means ‘love’.
  8. Eun Ae – This sweet name means ‘grace and love’.
  9. Ga Eun – This name conveys ‘kind and beautiful’.
  10. Ha-Neul – This name means ‘the sky’.
  11. Hwa Young – The two-element name means ‘beautiful flower’.
  12. Hye – The short name means ‘intelligent woman’.
  13. Ji Hyun – This name means ‘virtuous, worthy’ and also ‘wisdom, intellect’.
  14. Kwan – This single element name means ‘strong girl’.
  15. Mi Cha – means ‘gorgeous’.
  16. Min Min – means ‘sharp-minded and’ quick response’.
  17. Mun Hee – means an ‘educated and literate’.
  18. Nabi – means ‘butterfly’.
  19. Soon Bok – This two-element name means ‘gentle and blessed’.
  20. Young Mi – The name means ‘prosperity, eternal and good looking’.

Names with special meanings are the best, and Koreans know how to use them to their advantage. If you wish for something specific for your baby’s future, you can simply turn it into their name. However, be careful not to hold up to it too highly. Overall, selecting a name for your baby is a thrill, but it can easily turn into frustration. I hope the list above helps you find the perfect pick; if not, at least give you some inspiration.