NASA Says They’re Still Looking For Habitable Planets, What Should We Expect?

We often hear about scientists that are trying to find life somewhere in the universe. But if there is any chance for life to exist elsewhere other than Terra, NASA is constantly looking for any clues to find it more than ever.

The goal of this expedition

“If you have a universe that is 13.5 billion years old — it is so big — is there another chance for another Sun and another planet that has an atmosphere like ours? I would say yes, so I think we’re going to get some indication that there’s intelligent life out there,” says NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

He also added that his team is involved in searching for so-called aliens for so long. They are especially looking for another Sun and other planets that host life, in and out of our solar system. In a recent report that was shown on 25 June, the U.S government was surprised to see that they could understand and explain only one case of UFos reported by the military planes from 2004 until 2021.

Curiosities about Mars

An important researcher from Florida mentioned that this study implies discovering more key information about Mars. For the ninth time, a NASA helicopter arrived on this planet at the beginning of this week.

The name of the helicopter is Ingenuity and gravitated around Mars for around 3 minutes with a speed that hits 5 meters per second.

“This particular time, it’s scouting a very sandy region in order to determine should the rover go there and possibly get stuck in the sand, so Ingenuity is just doing amazing things,” concluded the Administrator from NASA.

This flight was mentioned as being the most frustrating since the first one.

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