Image: Emirates Mars Mission

Hope Orbiter Captured Fantastic Alien Auroras on Mars – Check Out the Pictures

Images of intriguing alien auroras on Mars have been captured, and they look like nothing we could've imagined!
Images of intriguing alien auroras on Mars have been captured, and they look like nothing we could've imagined!

Brave orbiter Hope offers incredible images of eerie alien auroras on Mars that’ll leave you in awe.

The United Arab Emirates’ orbiter arrived at our planetary neighbor earlier this year. Since then, Hope proved it got what it needs to pierce through Mars’ atmosphere and capture the best shots.

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Hope Orbiter Captured Auroras on Mars

Recent activity of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) orbiter came as a huge surprise. Hope succeeded in capturing one of the most intriguing phenomena on Mars: auroras!

UAE released a statement:

“The full set of data collected during these observations include far and extreme ultraviolet auroral emissions which have never been imaged before at Mars.”

Below you can see an incredible picture of the eerie alien auroras:

Image: Emirates Mars Mission

Martian auroras

Mars’ auroras are somehow similar to what we have here on Earth. Well, it’s actually strange to see such a phenomenon on Mars, because only devices that can see across UV wavelengths have been able to capture any.

However, the alien auroras are generated in the same way as Earth’s auroras. The process includes particles from the solar wind flowing via space.

They end up in Mars’ atmosphere and mix with gas in the upper atmosphere (oxygen). As a result, ionization makes the oxygen glow.

Check out the representation below of discrete aurora:

Image: Emirates Mars Mission

The noticeable patches that remain represent the traces of the global magnetic field, captured in magnetic minerals in molten rock. The patches can take on the polarity of the ambient magnetic field when they turn cold and solidify.

Since we’ve never seen such detailed, discrete eerie alien auroras in Mars’ atmosphere before, the pictures could become a new tool for understanding the lack of a magnetic field on our planetary neighbor. Scientists could also use the new data to map the Martian atmosphere.

UAE will release more data soon as its mission on Mars continues.