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Keeping Your Desk Tidy Is Easier Than You Think

A tidy desk is a tidy mind, they say. But with so much to do and so little time, keeping your desk organized can be near impossible. However, if you use these tips and tricks, it can be easy to maintain a tidy desk without disrupting workflow.

  • Use a small trashcan.

Buy (or make) a small bin or can for trash that fits under your desk. This will keep it out of sight and encourage you to use it instead of piling up scraps on your desk.

  • Put a basket in the corner of your desk for things to file later.

Keep this basket on the corner of your desk so the things that need filing don’t clutter up other areas of your workspace but are easily accessible when you’re ready to tackle your inbox. Make sure to empty it regularly.

  • Get some magazine holders for magazines, user manuals and catalogs.

These will keep them from piling up and cluttering your workspace but ensure they are easily accessible when you need them. You could even label them according to topic or department.

  • Go digital with your documents.

There’s no reason to keep printed copies of the same document when it’s available online, so scan those documents and update them digitally instead.

  • Establish zones for different categories of items.

Once you have cleared the surface of your desk, divide it into zones, designating areas for different types of tasks or materials. For example, you might have one zone where you handle paperwork and another where you work on your computer or read reports. Having a designated place for each type of activity will help maintain orderliness as you finish projects or move on to new ones.

  • Keep your cords under control with cable ties.

One way to avoid tripping over cables is to keep them tidy with plastic cable ties that can easily be removed and reused as needed.

Elizabeth G. Cole
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