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Tips For Keeping Your Hardwood Floors Just Like New

Hardwood floors are beautiful and timeless. They add value to your home, help make it cleaner, and are easier to maintain than carpeting. Unfortunately, hardwood flooring is also susceptible to a variety of damages that can ruin the look and even shorten its life span. Protect your floors by following these tips:

  • Don’t Use Vacuum Cleaners with Rotating Brushes

The spinning brushes on vacuums can scratch wood floors or damage the finish. Tiles are especially vulnerable since loose dirt often gets caught in grout lines. Stick to vacuums with suction-only head attachments or sweep your floor instead.

  • Take off Your Shoes

Walking on hardwood floors with shoes on can scuff the finish and leave scratches behind. The best way to protect your investment is by taking off your shoes as soon as you enter the home or put down rugs at every door entrance. Purchasing an entryway rug or mat will also give you a place to wipe your feet, which prevents mud and water from ending up on your wood floors.

  • Keep furniture moving

Your furniture has legs that can scratch your hardwood floor as it moves across it, so try not to drag heavy objects across the flooring surface. The best way to move furniture is to lift it up and carry it wherever possible — especially if one of the legs has a metal cap on it that could leave a scratch behind as you move it.

  • Wipe up spills immediately

Water and other liquids can damage hardwood floors. The longer they sit on the surface, the more likely it is that they’ll cause permanent discoloration or warping.

  • Protect furniture legs with pads

The legs of chairs and tables can easily scratch hardwood floors if you slide them around the room. Furniture pads with felt bottoms will reduce friction and keep scratches to a minimum.


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