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Fun Things To Do During Your Spring Break

It’s important to have some balance in life. That means not just working hard, but also taking time to relax, rejuvenate and recharge. Spring break is a great opportunity to do that — and it’s right around the corner.

Here are some ideas for spending spring break with family and friends:

  • The beach. The beach is always a top Spring Break destination, but don’t limit yourself to Florida! There are great beaches all over the country and even in some unexpected places like Hawaii, Maine, California and Washington.
  • Cruises. If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, consider taking a cruise during your Spring Break getaway. You’ll be able to see multiple destinations, enjoy fun activities and have your food and drink included in the price of your ticket. Cruise ships also tend to feature many amenities such as casinos and spas that are sure to keep you entertained in between stops!
  • Backyard camping. Pitch a tent in the yard, or create a comfy indoor campout. Cook up a storm on your grill and watch the stars at night.
  • Game time. Pull out the board games, card games, video games and puzzles and challenge your kids to some friendly competition.
  • Bake sale. Make some sweet treats and sell them to neighbors or friends (or just enjoy them yourself). Don’t forget to set up shop with your handmade sign!
  • Gardening day. Plant an herb garden or start veggies from seeds that you can transplant into the ground when it’s warm enough outside.
  • Family movie marathon. Pick a theme and make it all about that theme — Disney movies, superheroes, TV show series on Netflix (like Gilmore Girls) or even scary movies if you dare!
  • Hiking. Nothing beats getting out in nature, especially after being cooped up inside with books and study guides all semester. The fresh air will do you good! Just make sure to bring plenty of water and food. If you’re bringing a pet, be sure they’re on a leash.
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