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Plant Care Tips To Keep Your Indoor Plants Fresh

Plant care is about creating the right conditions for plants to thrive. While most plants have similar requirements, individual species have evolved different methods to cope with their environments.

A good rule of thumb is to research the natural habitat of the plant you’re interested in and set up its environment as close to that as possible.

Of course, some plants are a little more specific than others, so it’s always important to do your research if you want that plant to thrive.

Here are some tips for keeping your indoor plants fresh:

  • Keep them near windows

Most houseplants need plenty of light, so keep them within two feet of a window and rotate them frequently so they grow evenly. If you don’t have enough windows, you can supplement with artificial lighting. Just make sure the amount of light is right for your plant.

  • Keep the temperature and humidity right

Most houseplants tolerate normal room temperatures during the day but appreciate cooler temperatures at night. And since most homes are drier than most houseplants prefer, you may need to mist your plants occasionally or place a humidifier in their vicinity.

  • Keep Your Plants Clean

Over time, dust can build up on the leaves of your plants and obstruct light from reaching them. To clean your plants, rinse them in the shower or wipe down with a damp cloth.

  • Prune Old Leaves & Stems

Over time, leaves and stems will start to turn brown and die off. Dead leaves and stems prevent new growth from becoming healthy. Pruning these dead parts will allow your plant to grow naturally. Do not remove more than one third of the entire plant at any given time.

  • Remove Dead Roots

Roots that are starting to turn brown or black should be pruned away immediately. Cut off the dead roots with scissors or pruning shears so that they don’t rot out the rest of the plant’s roots.

  • Replant In Larger Containers As Needed

Plants will continue to grow over time, so it’s important that they have a container large enough for their roots as they grow.

Elizabeth G. Cole
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