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What You Need When You Go Hiking In The Spring

Spring is a great time to hike. The weather is usually pretty good (not too hot, not too cold) and the flowers are starting to bloom. There are some things to keep in mind though when you’re planning your spring hike. Here are some tips and things you need to know before heading out on a spring hike.

  • Weather

The weather can be unpredictable in the spring so be prepared. It could be cool, windy or wet so it’s a good idea to bring a rain jacket with you, just in case.

  • Water

Be sure to bring plenty of water with you because it can get warm even on what seems like a cool day and you don’t want to get dehydrated. Also, bring some snacks with you for when you get hungry along the way.

  • Sunscreen

The sun can be strong in the springtime so make sure you have sunscreen with you, especially if you have sensitive skin or burn easily. You don’t want to end up with a bad sunburn or even worse, skin cancer because of not wearing sunscreen while hiking!

  • Sturdy hiking boots

You want a comfortable pair of hiking shoes, not just any old pair of sneakers or sandals. Make sure they have a sturdy sole so your feet won’t slip or slide while you’re out on the trail.

  • A large water-resistant bag

If you’re planning on taking a tent, sleeping bag and other gear along with you out on the trail, pick up a waterproof bag so nothing goes missing when it rains or snows.

  • Know your limits

Spring hikes can be longer than summer or fall hikes because you’ll have to walk over steep hills or through a field that’s wet from rain or melted snow. Be sure to give yourself time to cool down before heading back down the trail.


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