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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Beautiful, Elegant and Festive

A Christmas tree is a must-have decoration in many homes during the holiday season. The sight of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree instantly puts everyone in a festive mood. But, a beautifully decorated Christmas tree is only as good as its ornaments.

Tis the season for homemade, heartfelt holiday decorations, so follow these quick tips to make your home beautiful, elegant and festive.

1. Add depth and design: Hang ornaments that are all the same size in clusters on branches of your Christmas tree to add depth and dimension. Or hang beads or tiny glass balls on different parts of the branches for an artsy look.

2. Make it personal: Make your Christmas tree reflect your personality by decorating it with items that are special to you and your family – like photographs, handprints from your kids, and other mementos from previous holidays.

3. Wrap it up: Give the presents underneath your Christmas tree a decorative edge by wrapping them in pretty paper, fabric, or tinsel scarves before placing them under the tree.

4. Use old ornaments: If you have old, broken ornaments that haven’t been used in years, use them to add more texture to your tree’s branches by stringing them along with wire garlands.

5. The Candy Cane Effect: Add a fun touch this Christmas with the addition of candy cane striped ribbon around your tree. You can wrap the entire trees in red, white, and green stripes or just add some contrast to a few branches. This is also a great way to add some unexpected color to a neutral-colored tree.

6. Decorating with Flowers: Add color, texture and a splash of whimsy to your tree by using flowers as decorations. Cut fresh flowers close to the base of the flower, leaving on as much stem as possible so that they don’t wilt quickly. Then thread them onto skewers (available at craft stores) and tie the ends with string or twine to make mini floral arrangements.

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