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The 5 Things Remote Workers Need to Get Started

Your new job as a remote employee can be an exciting opportunity, but you’ll need to make some changes to your routine. Here are 4 tips that will help you set yourself up for success:

1. Get your technology in order. Make sure that your office space is well-lit and that the technological equipment you’ll need to do your job is within reach. If there are any issues with your equipment, make sure to address them before you start work.

2. Create a workspace for yourself. You don’t have to create an entire home office; just make sure you have a designated place where you can relax and get work done.

3. Set boundaries for yourself. Even though you’re working from home, you still should keep reasonable hours, just like other employees. Don’t let yourself get sucked into working 24/7, because it’s only going to hurt your relationships with friends and family members, as well as your productivity levels.

4. Make the transition gradually. Even if you’re used to working at home on occasion, transitioning to an entirely remote role can be overwhelming at first. Try taking short periods of time off work each week, so that by the time your official first day comes around, it will feel more familiar than frightening.

5. Take care of yourself. Working remotely can be a great way to fit work into your life instead of fitting your life around your work – but it does come with its own unique challenges and stresses. Have conversations about boundaries and expectations with those around you so that everyone is clear about what’s expected of them and what they can expect from others on their team. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflict as well as overworking yourself as you strive to meet deadlines and demands.

Mary J. Payne
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