DIY Holiday Decor Tips Last
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Affordable DIY Holiday Decor Tips to Last For a Lifetime

December is one step away, and shops are already full of Christmas decorations. All sized garlands, colorful Christmas bulbs, and eye-catching ornaments. However, not everyone wants to spend their savings on festive decorations. Plus, it is not the best time to go shopping with the whole pandemic going on. Therefore, why not craft your own holiday ornaments? I have prepared a few affordable DIY holiday decor tips, which are easy to follow. However, before going into details, you need to set goals. 

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Finding Inspiration 

What inspires you? What is your home style? You need to decide on a color pallet and style before thrifting. Gather all your Christmas decorations and see what color stands out, what festive ornaments you no longer use but could use for crafting.

You can find inspiration in many ways, especially online. I suggest you use Pinterest, a popular platform for image sharing. That’s where I get most of my inspiration for my drawings, but it works in any other department. You need to know what you want before your start the DIY holiday decor. 

Another way to find inspiration is by looking around you. Sometimes you can get inspiration from a friend or a cute shop. Don’t forget to check out how boutiques decorate their windows; it is always a great source of inspiration. I don’t know about you, but it immediately puts me in a holiday spirit. 

DIY Holiday Decor Tips

Now that you have a certain idea about how you want to deck out the halls, it’s time for the real work. Start with an ornament that looks similar in shape, color and requires little crafting to look like your ideal decor. Sometimes, you have to repaint or add a few extra accessories to have a unique Christmas decoration. 

Image: Unsplash

We all have a little bit of creativity in us. For example, my father collected a few water and perfume glass bottles. He painted them, added some glitter, decorative rope, and a few festive ornaments. Look closely at your Christmas decorations because you may have something you are not using anymore. Like my dad, you can craft old ornaments into something very stylish

Think about the following years when creating DIY holiday decorations. You can really save up some money if you opt for a style and color you love. There is joy in making seasonal decorations yourself or together with your family. Thrifting offers a unique final product. Plus, it puts you in holiday mode. 

There are many decorating ideas on the internet; however, I will stick to three that inspire me the most. 

Coffee-Filter Garland

The coffee warmed up its way into my heart a long time ago. However, it has more uses than a tasty smell and refreshing feeling. Start by stacking 12 ruffled coffee filters. While doing so, make sure to mix the color shades for a nice boho look. Next, make a small hole in the center to stick the twine through. 

Image: Pixabay

Depending on the garland size you want, keep in mind to cut the twine at least 30 cm longer to leave enough room for knotting. Create more stapled stacks to fit the garland, but leave a small space in between to look aesthetically pleasing. 

Glass bottles

Like my dad, you can decorate different shapes and sizes of glass bottles for a beautiful winter table decor. You can use regular paint or spray paint, glitter, decorative rope and make the most of your old Christmas decorations with the help of super glue. 

Image credit: Raluca Dobos Here’s a photo I took of my dad’s beautiful decorative glass bottle

Old Christmas decorations

Sometimes you simply need to make your old stuff shine again. For example, if you have an old ceramic green Christmas tree and it looks shabby. Make it white, add some gold glitter or add some twine as a garland. Go wild! We all like different styles and colors, so don’t be afraid to test your imagination.

I hope you liked my DIY holiday decor tips or at least found some inspiration and courage to create your own.